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                  Sparkle Dust Original Products

Sparkle Dust is an Internet & mail business that aims to provide various decorating products to retailers and wholesalers. We make it simple and easy to order through our catalogue and we utilize a counter to counter service to deliver to your chosen destination.

                                                       Our Sparkle Range
Our SPARKLE RANGE is a great decorating tool with many applications. This range will give you a green, peach & gold effect depending on your viewing angle. The many base colours we have on offer enhance the final effect even more. We package these little diamonds in easy to use, sturdy, screw-top tubs which are suitable for shipping.
There are various sizes to choose from depending on your needs.

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                                                        Rustic Lustre
Lilly’s colours are concentrated water soluble and approved food colouring powder. Colour your icing, plastic icing, candy floss, ice cream. Lilly’s colours are simply beautiful and easy to use. You can add it as is or add a small amount of water to give it a gel consistency and then apply or mix to the product you wish to colour. Every colour will give you a number of shades from light to darker as you add more of the colour. Remember to store any powder colour out of direct sunlight. This will extend the effectiveness
of the colour for much longer.

                                                        Rustic Lustre
RUSTIC LUSTRE is an excellent strong colour dusting powder with a high shine metal effect. It is suitable to mix with melting chocolate and dusting the mould's bottom prior to chocolate added. Easy to apply and also used for applications such as confectionery, decorating cakes, ice-cream, chocolate, wedding cakes, sugar art decorations & airbrushing. Mix with alcohol to brush, spray, sketch write on surfaces and chocolate moulds. Rustic Lustre will make any product unique and irresistible.

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                                                        Diamond Dust
DIAMOND DUST is a dusting powder with a fine sparkle added to it. It is presented in various colours that makes it a wonderful tool for party cakes, wedding cakes, cupcakes, chocolate, decorations and ice cream cakes. The options are endless. Dust it with a brush or mix with alcohol to paint with your heart’s desire.
The result is a beautiful sheen effect with little Diamonds sparkling on the surface. Diamond Dust is essential to a baker or cake decorator’s box of tricks.

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                                                        Our Hologram Lustre
HOLOGRAM LUSTRE is an unique dusting powder with a sophisticated Pearl effect. All the colours are a white powder that magically transforms in to a wonderful holographic pearl colour as you apply it. Holograms are easy to apply and used for applications such as confectionery, cake decorating, decorations (sugar art), chocolate and wedding cakes. Dusting it with a brush and by varying the thickness of the coating, different shiny pearl colour shades are achieved.
On a white base the holograms are very subtle and will show at certain angles. If you need to bring out the true brilliance of this product a black base is recommended. These pearl effect colours are a feast for the eye. Hologram Lustre is a must have for enhancing your product and to bring high quality soft finishes to your final product.

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